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The Hunting Collective

I am very proud and happy to have been asked this year to collaborate with Hunting for George.

As part of the Hunting Collective, a little posse of like minded creatives selected by HFG, I’ve been asked to create a limited edition clock.

A hunting theme is the thread that pulls the collective together. Perception is something that interests me very much as an artist – like any painter since painting began, it’s people’s perception that I seek to alter, influence, stimulate and speak to.

With this in mind, camouflage seemed to me a playful way to link my clock to the hunting theme, and it’s a focus that has allowed me to create a visual tension and interest in the piece. There is always something appealing about a dirty piece of curtain fabric, particularly when there are moving parts camouflaging within its surface. I also managed to sneak in a pastel pink gradient. If you look carefully, within the circle face of the clock there is another smaller circle just out of registration, camouflaging quietly in the busyness. There, I just made you look!

There are 11 other clocks in the collective and they are all stunning. They will all be auctioned online from 20-30 November. More details soon.



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Lining up all the ducks

My design hat has been giving me hat hair. I’ve been having Adobe Creative Suite dreams – the kind of dreams where everything you do can be undone by pressing command Z, where life only exists within a rectangle of a certain amount of inches, where everything is proportionate so long as you hold down shift. Yep, I have been designing a thing or two and I hope I will get some time soon to post what I’ve been up to. But for now, consider this post an excuse for why I’ve missed two Monday, Mondays in a row. And yes, that is what this post is, it’s an excuse post (might as well start a new category!), and now I will leave you with a blurry photo of my to do list just to give you an inflated idea of just how busy I am.

And also! A new exciting painting project is in the pipeline with Hunting for George I’ll be banging on about it here heaps over the next few weeks so stay tuned (or be warned).


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Monday, Monday

Karolis Strautniekas

What do you get when you mix some neat visual puns with some fuzzy, felty grain and some sexy smooth colours? Some very nice illustrations is what. Karolis Strautniekas‘ editorial works are beautifully minimal but warm, they are smooth and computery and yet still seem so hand crafted. Simple and intelligent, bravo.

All images copyright Karolis Strautniekas

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