Diana Ellinger

Artist and illustrator

Paint fumes anyone?


Asphyxiation is a real danger when you paint indoors, but what can a girl do? And anyway, home studios can have their advantages too – the tv is really close and yoghurt container paint holders are easy to find – so hopefully i’m able to overcome the risks and pitfalls of working two meters away from where I sleep.

I’m busy starting on a new series of paintings for Hunting for George. I smiled nicely for mister Bunnings man and he gave me some plywood off-cuts for $5! Bargain. Let’s hope my new pile of wooden squares are the type that turn magically into paintings! Perhaps if I spread some of the alien wee I found on special at Eckersleys all over them they’ll transform?? he he.




Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

2 thoughts on “Paint fumes anyone?

  1. Lovely daisys – such a green thumb!

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