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Where the lovely things are

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Hours of inspiration – where the lovely things are

Those who know me well know that I sometimes miss the point when it comes to technology/machinery/devices. For example, who knew that our 1992 Volvo sedan had cruise control? NOT ME! Who knew that the little clip on the windscreen is for parking vouchers?? Not me. There are countless other examples of my ‘bigger picture’ thinking (I refuse to use the word vague).

A recent example is my knowledge (or lack there of) of the ‘blogroll’ feature. There was a question in the back of my mind ‘what is this bogroll thing? Sounds intriguing thinks me. tick. tick. oh it’s where you add links that you like and stuff. kewl.

Check out my blogroll at the bottom to see some of my favourite logs, opps! blogs! he he


Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

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