Diana Ellinger

Artist and illustrator



Renovations have slowly been taking place here, and if you’re an observant type you might have noticed a few changes here and there. At first everything looks the same, as the Spanish say, mas o menos, but if you look a little bit harder you can see some small details. It’s not exactly like playing a game of spot the difference, but it’s not like when somebody invented sliced bread – or what is it that they say? Something about inventing a wheel? dunno.

But for a start there’s more stuff. I’ve completely overhauled the navigation menu at the top of the site, and the layout and functionality is a little bit different. Yay. Now that the update is completely finished, mas o menos, I wanted to let a few people know. SO, while I couldn’t afford to pay real models to promote the improvements, I was able to convince some students to make up an interpretive dance and parade a few signs about.


Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

4 thoughts on “Renovations!

  1. They have that dance down pat

  2. Awesome!!! Love the reno!!

  3. Awesome!!! Love the reno! The new navigation system makes it much easier to find all your beautiful work!

  4. love the new look, so vibrant and inspiring, your art works beautifully in the header banner xx

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