Barcelona is probably the most lisp friendly city in the world. What’s more, with it’s dark narrow streets bursting with life (so long as you head there at a civilised hour, like after 5) crazy Disney Land architecture and fiercely proud, seriously arty and cosmopolitan people it’s pretty visitor friendly too. The unhealthy rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona plays itself out in more places than the fútbol field. Unless you want to endure at least an hour of one-sided conversation in which you are permitted no input or respite, never ask a Madrileño what they think of Barcelona, and vice versa.

What I will say about Barcelona is this: there seems to be an actual commitment to contemporary art and design with an actual centre dedicated to the stuff – Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona – right in the guts of the old town where I spent a tidy afternoon.

1_Barca_landscape 2_Barca_landscape2 3_Barca_landscape3 4_Barca_portrait 5_Barca_portrait2 6_Barca_landscape4 7_Barca_landscape5 8_Barca_landscape6 9_Barca_landscape7 10_Barca_landscape8 11_Barca_landscape9 12_Barca_landscape10 13_Barca_landscape11 14_Barca_landscape12 15_Barca_landscape13 16_Barca_landscape14 17_Barca_landscape15 18_Barca_portrait_2 19_Barca_landscape16 20_Barca_landscape17 21_Barca_landscape18 22_Barca_landscape19 23_Barca_landscape20 24_Barca_landscape21 25_Barca_portrait_22 26_Barca_landscape22 27_Barca_landscape23 28_Barca_landscape24 29_Barca_portrait_23 30_Barca_portrait_24 31_Barca_landscape25 32_Barca_landscape26 33_Barca_landscape27 34_Barca_landscape28 35_Barca_landscape29 36_Barca_landscape30 37_Barca_landscape31 38_Barca_landscape32 39_Barca_landscape33 40_2_Barca_portrait_25 40_Barca_landscape34 41_Barca_landscape35 42_Barca_landscape36 43_Barca_landscape37  45_Barca_landscape39 46_Barca_portrait_26 47_Barca_portrait3 Barca_landscape40 Barca_landscape41 Barca_portrait_27 Barca_portrait_28 Barca_portrait_29 Barca_portrait_210

Published by Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

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