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Monday, Monday

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Have you had one of those days? The type of Monday that ruins Sunday, so that even the laziest Sunday afternoon is clouded by what follows that quiet egg-on-toast Sunday night? What every start to the working week needs is a little inspiration. Something that makes the weekday calendar stretch out in front of us like a magical carpet rather than an endless line of groundhog days. I’ve created a new category of posts that is dedicated to finding that soft, little, golden kernel of inspiration and pinning it down so that we can be propelled into the working week humming like the seven happy little worker dwarfs. Today I’m going to kick things off with the illustrations from where the wild things are, by Maurice Sendak. We all know the book, and the creepy Spike Jonze adaptation, but have you ever actually realised how beautiful it is? Here are a few samples of the illustrations, they’re bound to brighten your day with their muted, strange darkness.

Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare2 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare3 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare4 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare5 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare6 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare7 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare8 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare9 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare10 Monday_Monday_Wildthingsare11


Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

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