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Monday, Monday

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Louise Bourgeois is probably best known for creating giant spider sculptures and wearing a boob suit. She is about as quirky and French as they come. Oui. While there are so many beautiful and intriguing things about Bourgeois and her crazy, intensely feminine body of work (I say body here because almost everything she ever made was about the body, especially the naughty bits) all I want to share today are her fabric works, they get me every time. The colours, their optical qualities, the way one piece of pattern butts up against another to create a special kind of clash. All I can say is they sag and bulge in all the right places, extraordinary. Enjoy! Happy Monday.

louise-bourgeoislouise-bourgeois-textiles-9louise-bourgeois-fabric-work1LouiseBourgeois-Fabrics_03louise-bourgeois-textiles-6louise-bourgeois-textiles-4 louise-bourgeois-fabric-work4-480x401 louise-bourgeois-fabric-work3-480x615louise-bourgeois-fabric-work3 Louise Spider 5Louise-Bourgeois-UNTITLED-2006-455x264louise-bourgeois-the-fabric-works-L--GxAJZbourg44832-391127 bourg44831-4onzLI bourg44826-ZuR1qz bourg44825-9jO5Ca bourg44824-l9No8M bourg44823-9keh1O bourg44822-xmC58K bourg44821-9qZ1XR bourg44820-R62nj2bourg41740-cb-KFn9jM bourg40566-Y7kct6 bour-9546-cb_lglr-3rnprz24246a00d834cad15053ef01538edbdc18970b-800wi


Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

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