Diana Ellinger

Artist and illustrator

Monday, Monday

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El Rastro.

Flea markets can inspire a lot of things. Thriftiness in fleas for example. They can inspire you to spend the good half of a Sunday afternoon peering at nic nacs and doo dads arranged in careful rows. To walk at a pace set by a retiree walking up hill, with your nose pressed firmly into the folds of the turkish leather jacket in front of you, clutching your purse so hard your knuckles hurt, as you navigate perilous alley ways full of junk. To smell the aroma of cigarette smoke mingling with B.O, out of date patchouli incense and cod empanadas. To listen to an old bum play singin’ in the rain on a row of wine glasses with his own spit. They can inspire you to buy a broken watch, an old match book and a tile for 5 euros. They can inspire you to waste an entire roll of film.

Elrastro2-4_1213_37-433 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-434 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-435 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-436 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-437 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-438 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-439 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4310 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4311 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4312 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4313 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4314 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4315 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4316 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4317 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4318 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4319 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4320 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4321 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4322 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4323 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4324 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4325 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4326 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4327 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4328 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4329 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4330 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4331 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4332 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4333 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4334 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4335 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4336 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4337 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4338 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4339 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4340 Elrastro2-4_1213_37-4341

Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

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