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Monday, Monday

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Colour and surface

Some days, all that’s needed to lift my spirits are some pretty colours. Thanks Clare Grill for making my spirits soar this morning. Grill’s work though, is so much more than a few good colour combos. Clare has a pretty extensive painting toolbox at her disposal – diverse mark-making, colour sense, and a knack for piecing it all together makes her pretty handy. She’d probably do well on that Renovators show. I’m guessing she gets around with some sort of tool belt because all the tools at her disposal wouldn’t just fit in a box.

Just look at the surface of these beauties for starters. You get the sense that each has been thoroughly worked over, worn in, almost tortured, then nursed back to health again with loving hands. Colour has been added, then scraped away, then added again. Then painted over. Then added again but with a touch more acid yellow or muted pinky grey. Each and every mark has been grappled with, the occasional edge deftly left uncovered to add just the right sort of lopsidedness. This is a painter excited by the possibilities of paint and she is throwing everything at the canvas. Including the tool belt.

All images copyright Clare Grill

21_bitten 21_brittlepb 21_butcher 21_char 21_clangor 21_conepb 21_cramp 21_crystal 21_darning 21_driftwood 21_fan 21_frond 21_game 21_gens 21_glove_v2 21_idlepb 21_infanta 21_mortarpb 21_nettlepb 21_offering 21_peals 21_pearlpb 21_raven 21_stitches 21_tearpb 24_aviary 24_bleach 24_cactus 24_chord 24_cord 24_din 24_lamb 24_lumber 24_panic 24_slacks 24_spun 24_stunt


Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

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