Diana Ellinger

Artist and illustrator

The Hunting Collective

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I am very proud and happy to have been asked this year to collaborate with Hunting for George.

As part of the Hunting Collective, a little posse of like minded creatives selected by HFG, I’ve been asked to create a limited edition clock.

A hunting theme is the thread that pulls the collective together. Perception is something that interests me very much as an artist – like any painter since painting began, it’s people’s perception that I seek to alter, influence, stimulate and speak to.

With this in mind, camouflage seemed to me a playful way to link my clock to the hunting theme, and it’s a focus that has allowed me to create a visual tension and interest in the piece. There is always something appealing about a dirty piece of curtain fabric, particularly when there are moving parts camouflaging within its surface. I also managed to sneak in a pastel pink gradient. If you look carefully, within the circle face of the clock there is another smaller circle just out of registration, camouflaging quietly in the busyness. There, I just made you look!

There are 11 other clocks in the collective and they are all stunning. They will all be auctioned online from 20-30 November. More details soon.




Author: Diana Ellinger

Independent creative – artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

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