Diana Ellinger

Artist and illustrator

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Studio Sweet Studio

I’ve been meaning to share this link for ages. Studio Sweet Studio is a neat little site that posts studio tours, posts that reveal the lives and work spaces of designers, illustrators and artists. If you’re like me and delight in colour-coded book cases, well covered pin-boards and jars of paintbrushes, you should check it out.

I felt inspired to post some photos of my own studio space, while there aren’t as many industrial light fittings and objets d’art it is certainly a place where I feel very happy!

Also, I’m pleased to announce my camera is fixed!

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Toma Café

I love Madrid. I would even go as far as to say that I would quite happily walk the Madrileño streets wearing one of those white t-shirts that say ‘I ♥ madrid’ in big letters across my chest. But, there is just one thing that has been burning a hole in my heart, and I’ve tried to accept this but – the coffee is horrible:

…Please, no, not one of those scalding, shit tasting cafés con leche with the burnt coffee beans, and the over-fluffed bubbles of leche sitting on top like an airy puff of nothingness perched on top of a dirty sink. Yes your vintage furniture impresses me, and yes you play Architecture in Helsinki and have an extensive range of tostadas, but no you cannot make coffee.

After a month of searching with no satisfactory results – and no, not even the Lonely Planet or Google could help me out with this one – there is light upon my Malasña horizon! Two canny friends have let me in on the Toma Café secret. It’s a little hole in the wall in a little street very close to my favourite Plaza, Plaza del Dos de Mayo, and they love fixies, up-cycled furniture and most of all I would like to bow down to their espresso machine, their pouring skills and their fresh, high-quality coffee beans! Yay for coffee roasting hipsters.

Wow, am I obsessed? Needless to say, I have a cute little loyalty card and the morning stroll (it opens at 8am!!) to Toma has become my daily ritual. Sigh.