Diana Ellinger

Artist and illustrator


Brookfield Garden Centre

For my first post for 2015 I’d like to share some water colour illustrations I made late last year for the Brookfield Garden Centre. Located in Brisbane, the busy, community minded plant nursery wanted some imagery to support their evolving brand. The drawings needed to be fresh and contemporary, with a colourful edge and the brief was incredibly open – just that they resemble plants and bird life. It was a fantastic project and one I enjoyed immensely. I spent a few summer afternoons swashing around some water colours and voila! here are some of the drawings. Prints have already been made onto tea towels, with more products for the gift shop on the way.

BCG_portrait_2 BCG_portrait_22 BCG_portrait_23 BCG_portrait_24 BCG_portrait_25

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Tiger Woo!

I made a little drawing for a charity auction to help raise money for a Trinity College Scholarship* in Frank Henagan’s honour. (see little video below)

*About the Frank Henagan Scholarship
The Frank Henagan scholarship was established in 1997 in honour of Frank and his vast contributions to the College. It is a general scholarship fund for an all-rounded student with potential to contribute significantly to the Trinity community or who requires financial assistance to remain at Trinity.
The fund was allowed to build for several years before the first scholarship was awarded in 2006.
In honour of Frank’s 80th birthday this year, our aim is to raise $200,000 towards the scholarship in his name.
Tiger Woo Valencia_landscape2-3 Valencia_landscape2-32 Valencia_landscape2-33 Valencia_landscape2-34 FOYER_portrait152



Renovations have slowly been taking place here, and if you’re an observant type you might have noticed a few changes here and there. At first everything looks the same, as the Spanish say, mas o menos, but if you look a little bit harder you can see some small details. It’s not exactly like playing a game of spot the difference, but it’s not like when somebody invented sliced bread – or what is it that they say? Something about inventing a wheel? dunno.

But for a start there’s more stuff. I’ve completely overhauled the navigation menu at the top of the site, and the layout and functionality is a little bit different. Yay. Now that the update is completely finished, mas o menos, I wanted to let a few people know. SO, while I couldn’t afford to pay real models to promote the improvements, I was able to convince some students to make up an interpretive dance and parade a few signs about.


Fosters Group

Sometimes the best projects are collaborative. A while ago I combined creative forces with Lucy Glade-Wright, designer, maker, stylist and co-owner of Hunting for George, on a packaging project for CUB’s Fosters Group. We were like peas and carrots. Here are some initial concept illustrations I put together that Lucy picked up, combined carefully with her own ideas being careful not to over-work the mixture, then applied to some cider wine bottles. Last we heard the concepts were at research stage, you can check out the ideas Lucy presented here.

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Wine label scribbles

A lovely friend of mine asked me to do some drawings for two wine labels. Here are my original drawings and the finished labels below. It was a great project, particularly inventing the messy type face. The wine was made for a wedding and the brief was to capture two lovers on a motorbike, bless. Oh and I needed to restrict the palette to just black and white, which in some ways is a challenge, but in other ways quite liberating!