Diana Ellinger

Artist and illustrator

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Carpet jacket

Though it’s hard to believe, I uncovered this jacket on a recent trip to the Gorman House Markets. It’s what I wear when I want to blend into the upholstery, the only way you can detect my presence when I’m wearing the magical jacket is by the shadow I cast and the little nana brooch stuck to the lapel.



Doin’ The Pigeon

After a recent shopping trip to Belconnen (suburban canberra) chris and I reflected on our purchases: 7 second-hand books, 1.2kg of corned beef, 1 packet of sausages, 1 pretty vintage food container and a book about pigeons. It reads like a witch’s shopping list (all it needs is 3 spider’s legs, a rat’s tail and some seasoning), but I think this little collection of images are strangely beautiful. I particularly like the mangy pigeon feathers against the background colours – the series is both humorous and inspiring – it appeals to me in a way I can’t describe!