Gritty port city and street artists’ dream, Valencia offers up her tantalising urban street walls like freshly primed canvases. Patinas in unthinkable hues – the likes of which Pantone could never replicate – escape the camera lens and computer screen, revealing themselves only to the naked eye like demure hidden beauties. The quietly subversive artContinue reading “Valencia”

El Camino de Santiago – The Way of Saint James

Since the early Middle Ages, eager young Christians have trekked hundreds of kilometers over French mountains, through thick forests and across arid Spanish fields to Santiago de Compostela, so that they might be allowed to shake their pilgrim sticks festooned with scallop shells over the grave of old Saint James the Greater (not to beContinue reading “El Camino de Santiago – The Way of Saint James”

Paris – a moveable feast

I insist that you play this generic french cafe accordion sound bite and replay it in your head while reading and looking at my frenchy photos – it’s only right that you do. Paris is everyone’s favourite city. Or, perhaps it’s every girl’s favourite city. Or, perhaps the city belongs to every girl or boyContinue reading “Paris – a moveable feast”